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UTR-001  DJ Flying Eagle, 12" vinyl Music is ecstasy  Add to Cart
UTR-002  Spider Web EP, 12" vinyl Feels so good     Power  Add to Cart
UTR-003  U-Turn Me On, 12" vinyl Work your body to the rythm  Add to Cart
UTR-004 DJ Eduardo VS DJ Mojo, 12" vinyl I can’t wait (just feel  the groove) out of stock
UTR-005  Myakka Gold, 12" vinyl Pick you up     Dreaming   Out of stock
UTR-006  U-Turn Me On, 12" vinyl We all need out of stock
UTR-007  DJ Ed The Red, 12" vinyl Da NU SA Und EP " Lady Electronica" (featured on KEOKI’s album"Inevitable alien nation"(Moonshine), "Break Out" (featured on Friction and Spice' "Tranceformed" CD on Pandisc/Streetbeat  "Mixing This Track"

 Out of stock

UTR-008  Two Bass, 12" vinyl Open up your heart    "Lift me up"  out of stock
UTR-009 Ed The Red presents "Stick it where the Moon don’t shine" EP , 12" vinyl "Every day good and happy / "You've got me hot" out of stock


Ed The Red Presents Electronica Vol.1 CD album (mixed)    please go to NEW RELEASES PAGE to listen to soundbytes.  Add to Cart
UTR-011          What The... , 12" vinyl Glide    "O2"  out of stock
UTR-012   Intelligent Life Force , 12" vinyl Synthetic Love   Surrender your mind, your body and your soul"   Add to Cart
UTR-013             Sandy, 12" vinyl If Love Rules(house)    break mix  Add to Cart
UTR-014           What The... , 12" vinyl All the way to the edge   "Peace of expansion"  Add to Cart
UTR-015        Ed The Red , 12" vinyl "My Name Is Fantasy", "Break' n Trance"  Add to Cart
UTR-016 Mercury, "United Voices EP" , 12" vinyl "The voice of unity", "Get on up", "You know you want me", "Beginnings"  Add to Cart


     DJ Ed The Red "United We Funk" mixed CD  please go to NEW RELEASES PAGE   to listen to soundbytes.  Add to Cart
UTR-017 FLOW ,12" vinyl "True Feelings of Love"progressive house  Hyperboys  breaks remix  Red's breaks mix Add to Cart
UTR-019 FLOW ,12" vinyl "You and I" extended mix Add to Cart



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