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Ed "The Red" Goltsman discography

Ed started his music education at the age of 6 in Moscow Russia and continued it in the USA at Berklee College of Music. In the 80s he worked as a professional keyboard player in NY with funk, jazz, gospel and top 40 bands. At that time he also started producing records. The first few singles that he produced were hip-hop and gospel, but after he was introduced to NY dance club scene, he started writing and producing house music with successful releases on labels like Emergency, Atlantic, Select, Mic Mac, Jump Street, Supertronics, Quark, Sutra and others.At the same time he started DJing  and doing guest appearances at some of the major clubs all over NY City.In 1990 Ed started his own label, Bottom Line Records, that quickly became a household name among the lovers of Garage House. He became very popular as a producer/DJ around the world, particularly in the United Kingdom. There were 78 releases on Bottom Line Records of which Ed produced about 60. Heís licensed  the tracks all over the world to labels like: ZYX (Germany), Kicking (SlipíníSlide) UK, Moonshine Music, Street Beat, Esoteric (UK), React(UK), Meldac (Japan), Shock (Australia), General Overseas (South Africa), Pschent (France), Delabel (France) and many others.

In 1993 Ed moved Bottom Line to Florida and In November 96, started a new label, U-Turn Records that specializes in Electro, Funky breaks and Progressive Breaks and House. There were 18 releases on U-Turn Records up to date two of them are full length CDs, Electronica, Vol.1 (mixed by Ed The Red) and ďUnited We FunkĒ released in March, 2000. U-Turn became very popular among FL club music lovers and also in different areas of the continent. Heís already licensed U-Turn tracks to people like Superstar DJ Keoki (Moonshine), Doc Martin, Friction and Spice (Streetbeat/Pandisc). Edís been making guest appearances as a DJ in several clubs around Florida. Empire, 1509, Electric Lounge, Outer Limits, 925, Z-Spot just to name a few.

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Sandy started her music career when she was in Coral Gables High in Miami
Florida.  Singing with local bands and taking dance classes at night she soon
found herself playing full time in the Miami club circuit at that time.  From
there she was offered a job with a high profile band in Dallas Texas, where
she recorded her first single and was heavily played throughout the Texas top
40 stations.  She was happy for a while but wanted to do more of a funk-rock
sound and was lured during the Prince/Purple Rain era to Minneapolis,
Minnesota.  There she found her R&B routes and toured heavily in Canada, and
the Tri-state that surrounded Minneapolis.  She worked for Prince and
Flight-Time doing tracks eventually bought  the original Flight-Time
recording studio and reinvented her career again, this time producing acts
and mastering an album that sold heavily in Canada.  But after the split of
her partners she went back to Miami and found a underground dance music scene
that she loves and upon arriving in Miami immediately signed a label deal
with U-turn Records, check out her new release on