This is a review printed in the June issue of MIXER magazine.           
This is the first continuously mixed effort that I have heard from Ed The Red, strangely enough I possess many of his production efforts and never knew it. This is a mix of progressive breaks and house that move in and out of each other very nicely. I was expecting a solid breakbeat mix since Ed The Red is a Florida based DJ/Producer (I sometimes forget that Florida has its roots as firmly placed in progressive house as it does breakbeat) but this mix CD chops things up by moving in and out of the two genres constantly during the mix.
Usually I find this to be choppy and it often seems to break up the progression of the mix but Ed the Red does a superb job of moving back and forth with the various beats and creates a nice progression throughout Untied We Funk. U-turn Records specializes in light and groovy progressive beats and this is a good sampling of their efforts. Tracks like "Music Is Ecstasy" by DJ Flying Eagle (one of Ed's many aliases?) and "Dreaming" by Myakka Gold (Ed and DJ Mojo) are perfect examples of this groove based style of production. The beats don't overcome the song, instead they add to the musical elements of the tracks. The overall feel of the CD reminds me of an earlier time when the dance music culture was new to me. United We Funk is a surprisingly well laid out and mixed CD (surprising for me because I was ignorant of Ed The Red's production and DJing credits). I'm not sure if this is the first mixed CD that Ed The Red has put out but I am definitely interested in hearing more.


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