Electronica Vol.1

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After producing and mixing "Lady Electronica" on KEOKI's last cd "Inevitable Alien Nation" and "Basement Groove" on                   DOC MARTIN's "House music movement" cd, Ed The Red comes out with this  mixed cd compialation of the hottest new intellegent breaks, house, electro, techno and progressive tracks.

This is the review of the CD in XLR8R magazine: issue no.34 (Dec.98-Jan.99)

Ed The Red Presents Electronica Vol.1


Let me say that Acid Breaks has never been a genre that I paid much attention to but this Ed The Red,  yes the Ed The Red of Bottom Line Records, produced and DJ mixed compialation may not have turned me into a convert but made me appreciate this style when done by an expert.   Ed is of course a producer who has been around since the disco era and who is responsible for some smokin' garage on his Bottom Line imprint.           Ed's   Electronica Vol.1  is the sound that propels the raves and clubs of   southern Florida.  A recent Vice article noted how funky and unpretentious this scene is and how vibrant the music sounded when compared to some of the current house and techno. If acidic, electro-tinged breaky house is your thang you should check this. Likewise if your into DJ Dan's sound or if your  curious how the Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method would sound like if their  music was handled by a master.

Chris Orr     


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